Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Ohhhh My

Has it been that long since I've blogged - wow time has flown by since we chatted almost 2 months ago.  Spring is here and there's a glimpse of summer coming with the ice off the lake and docks going into the water around us.  Ours goes in next week - I'll be watching that process from the window lol.  To cold for this old girl to be stepping into that water.  Like I say - "Momma didn't raise no fool" lol - right Mother Tother?

March was a busy month with prep for the quilt show I vended at.  Thank goodness for those wonderful friends who stepped up and helped out with samples etc.  They were a lifesaver to making it all happen.  Once that was behind me - I had a little date with the eye doctor for cataract surgery on my other eye.  That was a week ago yesterday.  WOW the world is certainly a brighter place with two good eyes lol.  I've take the new eyeball out for a spin and did some stitching and it's such a pleasure to stitch now - not such a struggle.  Here's a few shots of the booth - my partner in crime and I had.  We had that baby FULL.

Well I have to admit - no spring decorating took place here at the Farmhouse - and man I missed it to.  Hubby did drag out my tubs of bunnies etc out last Saturday - I started to take things out - and then put them back in - didn't seem worth the work with Easter this weekend and the stars and stripes can come out in just a few weeks.  BUT I did get over to my Peeps house and took a few pics of some bunnies hopping around her house which you can see at the end of this post. 

Tonight about 8:00 central time I'm listing some good deals on wool, precuts of fabric and some valdani pearl cotton over on my etsy site if you want to check it out.  Farmhouse Woolens on Etsy.
I'm clearing out anything that's a precut in fabric or fat eighth in wool.  I guess you could say I'm cleaning house a little bit on there.  Also a good deal on a few kits that you might be interested in.

The week before my cataract procedure I asked Mr. Farmhouse to help me move some pieces of furniture around.  You know how you look at things and you think - dang I would like to see something else there.  Yes I like to move things around - a lot lol.  Mother Tother and my Dad used to joke that they wished my bedroom furniture had an odometer on it because it was always being moved around in my bedroom and the miles I must have put on it.  What can I say - in some areas I like change.  Anywhoooo the Mister was up for the challenge and so move things we did.  Now once my lifting restrictions are up in a week - let the decorating begin.  It's driving me nuts not to be changing things up - patience I know and I was given strict rules to follow - so I will just make plans in my head.  In other happenings around the Farmhouse new wooden blinds for the bedroom were ordered yesterday to replace what's there -  so that room is on it's way to finally being finished or should I say worked on.  Of course Mr. Farmhouse says - it looks great lol - but it's not finished to me. 

 Remember this big hutch -

Well that's one of those pieces that was moved and it's now hanging out in another part of the house.  That was a beast for the mister and I to haul upstairs - but we did it and I love the new location.  Now the piece I put in this spot isn't exactly what I want - but I found it while shopping around the house lol.  Once things are decorated I'll share.  In the meantime I'm on the look out for the perfect piece for that spot.  I know what I want - finding it will be the challenge.

So I will leave you with a few little looks around the house of a Peep - enjoy her bits and pieces of spring.  Mr. Blogger won't let me load anymore pics from her house - grrrrr.

 I'll see you next week. 
She made this adorable pillow all in wool

This darling quilt is a kit in red on my etsy site if your into











  1. Ahhh, I wondered if you'd had cataract surgery based on a comment about your eye -- I'm glad it all went well. Your booth looks wonderful -- I'll bet you kids had fun. I owe you an e-mail -- hopefully this weekend LOL.

  2. Good to see you back, it looks so messy but glad to see that you are all set for easter. Hope that you won't give 2 months break again :)

  3. Different seasons, different setups and totally different ideas. Spring is my favorite. Thanks to the author for sharing such amazing post with us.

  4. Great to see you back. You ain't change anymore. This is stunning. There is no change in your style. Good to turn you around. Keep hanging. Custom Essay Writing Service UK

  5. The place looks so good as if an expert decorated it. It’s great to have friends you know you can trust and count on. I wanted to change up the setting in my home. Just like you, I’m always moving furniture around, but of late I have been very caught up. I think you have motivated me to get it done.

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