Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Happy May

Yes we've turned the calendar page for another new month.  The weather outside  my door on Monday morning didn't say May 1st - fortunately is was gone by the afternoon

 with warmer temps.  It's how the weather rolls here in Minnesota.  It changes quickly.

So was April a productive month for you all?  I do have to say that April went by very quickly and it's always a favorite month  - because there's always a retreat with the peeps and beeps that happens during April.   We had such a lovely and productive time.  It's always fun to hang out with those ladies, have show and tell and be inspired by what everyone brings - plus the food is always wonderful to.  We've got that down to a science now.  We have brunch and dinner - each person takes one of those meals from start to finish that they plan.  You cook once and boom your done for the rest of the retreat.    I went with some UFO's to finish prepping - accomplished - a new project to piece and fuse - accomplished and two little quilts from the back of the closet to piece - accomplished.  I was really really happy with what I got done and the handwork prepped for future road trips and outside sewing.  Here's a little tour of the weekend with the girls.  First up a quick tour of the main floor

Now for a little show and tell from the ladies - I didn't get names of patterns - sorry - but enjoy the eye candy

This next one was so cute and everyone's favorite I think.  Based on a book she had when she was little she found these darling Peter Rabbit panels and made up the quilt top - then she pieced an adorable backing for it - how sweet is this one

Here's a fun side by side of the same quilt done a little differently.  This I know as a pattern by Timeless Tradition and done as a BOM through JJ Stitches - because I signed up for it to lol.  One of the projects I prepped. 

So what's on the horizon for travel - well a little trip to quilt market the middle of May is coming quickly.  I'm riding shotgun with my friend Kari/New Leaf Stitches to St. Louis with hopefully a trip to a fun quilt shop I've been hope hope hoping to get to.  Looks like barring anything unforeseen will be happening.  I'll be sure to share that.  So happy I prepped projects at retreat to pack and take along. Kari has a darling new fabric line coming out at market - so excited for her.  It's from Hoffman fabrics and called All A Twitter.  The woolies helped her power sew a couple of days to get a few samples done.  We were all happy to be apart of the process.  I'll be sure to share pics after market.

I am so ready to dig into some decorating now - a couple more pieces of furniture to move around when hubby gets home later today - then I'm venturing into the closet of HORROR - cleaning it out and getting somethings in place.  Yes I'm going to put out my Americana over the next week as I get busy decorating - it's early - but as I said I will be gone for close to a week in May with quilt market and would love it have it done when I get home since Memorial weekend is on my heels when I walk in the door.  I'm working on a few new things for patriotic splashes in the house and am anxious to share them with you.  The new blinds ordered for the bedroom are in and will be installed on Friday - can't wait to see them.   I feel like those decorating juices that have been dried up for awhile or been in hiding are busting to get out and in place.  It's been a long dry road for this girl in many areas.  One of the new cute patriotic items to use came in the  mail a week or so ago -
How sweet is she - made by my friend Sandy from Oregon -  thank you No Blog Sandy - I LOVE LOVE LOVE her and what a sweet surprise -  I love happy mail.   If your a reader of Anne's blog cottons and wool - Sandy and Anne are best buds and do challenges together all the time which Anne posts.  Because Sandy doesn't blog - her nickname is No Blog Sandy lol.  She is active tho over on Instagram - so be sure to check her out if you are on that social media platform.  I'm heading out to Oregon the beginning of July to stay with Anne and the three of us will be hanging out together getting into lots of fun trouble - I can't wait.
Thought I would try something fun  -  Here's a little POP UP SALE on this quilt kit if your interested.  This adorable little quilt is by Red Button Company and is a combination of cotton piecing and wool applique flowers.  Your kit will include the pattern, all fabric and yummy overdyed wools to complete the quilt top as shown as well as your binding.  You will supply the threads and backing.  Quilt measures 33 x 38 when completed.  The kit which includes priority shipping is 30.00 - If your interested email me at  I have 6 of these kits.

Well that wraps this up for today.  Thanks for stopping by and visiting my little neck of the woods.  See you back here next week - I hope - I'm going to really really try lol - with some decorating snippets.

Until Next Time

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Ohhhh My

Has it been that long since I've blogged - wow time has flown by since we chatted almost 2 months ago.  Spring is here and there's a glimpse of summer coming with the ice off the lake and docks going into the water around us.  Ours goes in next week - I'll be watching that process from the window lol.  To cold for this old girl to be stepping into that water.  Like I say - "Momma didn't raise no fool" lol - right Mother Tother?

March was a busy month with prep for the quilt show I vended at.  Thank goodness for those wonderful friends who stepped up and helped out with samples etc.  They were a lifesaver to making it all happen.  Once that was behind me - I had a little date with the eye doctor for cataract surgery on my other eye.  That was a week ago yesterday.  WOW the world is certainly a brighter place with two good eyes lol.  I've take the new eyeball out for a spin and did some stitching and it's such a pleasure to stitch now - not such a struggle.  Here's a few shots of the booth - my partner in crime and I had.  We had that baby FULL.

Well I have to admit - no spring decorating took place here at the Farmhouse - and man I missed it to.  Hubby did drag out my tubs of bunnies etc out last Saturday - I started to take things out - and then put them back in - didn't seem worth the work with Easter this weekend and the stars and stripes can come out in just a few weeks.  BUT I did get over to my Peeps house and took a few pics of some bunnies hopping around her house which you can see at the end of this post. 

Tonight about 8:00 central time I'm listing some good deals on wool, precuts of fabric and some valdani pearl cotton over on my etsy site if you want to check it out.  Farmhouse Woolens on Etsy.
I'm clearing out anything that's a precut in fabric or fat eighth in wool.  I guess you could say I'm cleaning house a little bit on there.  Also a good deal on a few kits that you might be interested in.

The week before my cataract procedure I asked Mr. Farmhouse to help me move some pieces of furniture around.  You know how you look at things and you think - dang I would like to see something else there.  Yes I like to move things around - a lot lol.  Mother Tother and my Dad used to joke that they wished my bedroom furniture had an odometer on it because it was always being moved around in my bedroom and the miles I must have put on it.  What can I say - in some areas I like change.  Anywhoooo the Mister was up for the challenge and so move things we did.  Now once my lifting restrictions are up in a week - let the decorating begin.  It's driving me nuts not to be changing things up - patience I know and I was given strict rules to follow - so I will just make plans in my head.  In other happenings around the Farmhouse new wooden blinds for the bedroom were ordered yesterday to replace what's there -  so that room is on it's way to finally being finished or should I say worked on.  Of course Mr. Farmhouse says - it looks great lol - but it's not finished to me. 

 Remember this big hutch -

Well that's one of those pieces that was moved and it's now hanging out in another part of the house.  That was a beast for the mister and I to haul upstairs - but we did it and I love the new location.  Now the piece I put in this spot isn't exactly what I want - but I found it while shopping around the house lol.  Once things are decorated I'll share.  In the meantime I'm on the look out for the perfect piece for that spot.  I know what I want - finding it will be the challenge.

So I will leave you with a few little looks around the house of a Peep - enjoy her bits and pieces of spring.  Mr. Blogger won't let me load anymore pics from her house - grrrrr.

 I'll see you next week. 
She made this adorable pillow all in wool

This darling quilt is a kit in red on my etsy site if your into










Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Is It Only February

WOW we are having some serious warm weather here for our neck of the woods.  I mean 50 degree temps which for us in February is really rare.  The snow is just about gone -just piles here and there.  As far as we can see around the lake - all the ice fishing houses pulled off the lake on Sunday - with the actual deadline of March 6th two weeks away yet.  Not because the ice will thaw in the middle of the lake to a dangerous level - but the shoreline ice could pull away and getting off the lake could be a problem.  Colder weather is on the horizon in the next couple of days - but no real snow in the forecast.  Weird mid winter temps and weather all together.

The mister and I snuck away midweek with another couple for a fun getaway for a couple of days.  The guys wanted to cross country ski - and even with crazy warm temps they were able to get in a couple of days of that - not great skiing but they made the best of it.  It was even nice enough to play cribbage outside in the afternoon

The view out our townhouse wasn't lakeside but on a little inlet where we had swans come and visit us often during our time there

Kari and I were able to get in two full days of sewing and it was wonderful.  I learned a few tricks on my new machine.

Speaking of a new machine - a new one was gifted to me by Mr. Farmhouse back in December to replace my old Pfaff who has served me well for many many many years.  She was getting tired and I knew for about a year it was time to think about upgrading - (seriously I really don't like the learning curve that I knew was coming with something new - makes me sweat lol.) . After about a year of thinking - and I'm not kidding - I took the plunge and bought one with an embroidery unit - meet Sophie

So why Sophie you ask - well even if you didn't here's the story.  A few of us Woolies made the big plunge and bought machines during the same week from the same dealer.  I think they had a very good week that week lol.  We decided that they should have names.  Shoot why not I call my Tahoo Pearl because of the name of her color - which is just a pretty name for white lol.  Well my first time ever touching a machine was on my Grandma Sophies treadle machine.  She would let me "play" with the treadle but I never sewed on it.  Mother Tother who's nickname is Sunny was my teacher on her singer machine when I was growing up.  It was so hard to choose because they both represent my history with sewing.  So since my first time touching a machine was on my Grandma's treadle I went with Sophie.  Aren't you glad you asked lol.  Dang Sophie is really smart and with her will come a huge learning curve - insert sweat here lol - but we have been playing nicely together and I think with little bits we will bond nicely. 

I did get most of a Valentine wool project completed for me - not as far as finished but dang close - cute little mini truck from Buttermilk Basin.  I have a few of this series in the kit box so I'm trying to work on them here and there.  Slow and steady right?

Thank you so much for all the email addresses that have come my way for my newsletter for Farmhouse Woolens.  I will be sending out a newsletter on Thursday morning.  So if you don't receive one and you've signed up - check your junk mail and if it's not there - give me a shout.  Here's a peek at a few things getting listed on Farmhouse Woolens on Thursday night as well as some personal kits I will be de-stashing.  I really need to clean out some of my stash and now is the time.  So pop over around 8 if your interested. I have many things still out for either quilting or finishing up.  So at some point the beginning of March you'll find lots of new things listed.  I'll keep you posted through the newsletter.  You can sign up by sending me an email at an letting me know your email address.   
Last post I promised a good recipe to share with you.  We had another good one tonight that I forgot to take a picture of before hand.  It was beef stroganoff and I found the recipe on facebook - yummmm.  I'm really trying to remember the camera thing lol and take pictures for blogging purposes.  Anywhoooo this was found at Mommy's Kitchen Blog. 

 Salisbury Steak - A New Version 
  • 2 lbs ground beef
  • 1 - package Lipton's French Onion Soup mix
  • 1/2 cup cracker crumbs
  • 1 egg
  • 2 packets (0.75 oz) brown gravy mix - prepared
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 1 small can mushrooms sliced
  • egg noodles, rice or mashed potatoes
Make hamburger patties using the beef, cracker crumbs, eggs and soup mix.  Fry or grill until patties are browned on both sides.  While the hamburgers are cooking mix together the brown gravy with the required amount of water and then add the sour cream and mix well.  Spray a 9x13 pan with non stick spray and lay cooked patties in the pan.  Cover the patties with the sour cream gravy mix.  Add mushrooms and bake at 350 degrees covered for 30-40 minutes turning patties halfway through the baking time.  Serve with the noodles, rice or mashed potatoes.  I did add some fried onions on top when I served them because I had some leftover - that was yummy and I would do it again.

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.  I will see you back here next week maybe Tuesday or Wednesday lol.  As allows you can find me on Instagram under yellowfarmhouse

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Well here we go - the 2nd week of February already.  Good golly Ms. Molly where did January go.  I always find that January tends to be a schlump of a month for me.  I've paid attention over the last few years and finally realized that.  Hey nothing gets by me does it lol.  But when February rolls around I always feel that zip show back up and I am ready to tackle things. 

I have to say not much is new here at the Farmhouse - been fairly quiet with a few things here and there.  I have quilt retreat with the peeps coming up in a few weeks and I'm really looking forward to that. We are headed to a new retreat for us - and I'm sure it will be wonderful.  Shoot just to get away and sew is great isn't it?  That means it's time to start thinking about what I will be taking and getting a little prep work done ahead of time - what a concept lol.  I'm vending at a local quilt show the end of March so I imagine my sewing time will be spent on a sample or two - plus some glorious handwork.  My goal for 2017 is getting some of those UFO's out of the boxes and finished up.  Now having said that - I did challenge myself to the sew along on Lori's blog for Jan Patek's Fall Festival quilt - BUT it's all from my stash - no fabric or wool bought for it.  I didn't quite make the challenge for February - but I did get the main block done - just didn't get the little moon blocks finished up - hopefully will be caught up for the next showing in March - here's my first block
The color isn't perfect because I took the picture tonight but you get the idea.  I'm doing my top all in wool and going somewhat with what Jan used on her blocks as far as color goes.  So I went with a blue moon and star - I like it and totally out of my box lol.   I'm trying hard to stitch during the day for business and stitch at night for myself.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  Anyway block 1 down.    I'm also stitching on Chubby Bunny by Wooden Spool Designs.  He's such a cutie pie.

I know the link for Farmhouse Woolens Etsy site isn't working and I'm trying hard to figure out what the heck I'm not doing to get it to go live.  So if your interested you'll just have to type it in - sorry - I will keep on keeping on in that department.  I'm getting ready to send out a newsletter in the  next couple of weeks as to what's happening at Farmhouse Woolens.  If your interested in signing up for it - please send me an email at  and include your email address in the body of the email and I will add you to the list. How many times can I say word email in that sentence lol.  I will have an update on the site next week.   One of the upcoming kits next month is this adorable bunny that one of the peeps is working on  - so sweet. 
I have several dear peeps and angels helping me out with a few samples - what a blessing they are. I will share their projects with you as they come in and are completed.  The projects will also be on the etsy site sometime in March.

A little decorating did happen in the last few weeks - although not much.  I love this big tray I bought down at Buttermilk Basins open house last fall.  I had it decorated with this big bowl during the holidays and just switched out a few things for Valentines decorating.  A little hard to see - but those hearts are  made from an old coverlet and have an antique key in the center.

So there ya go a little bit of this and that.  Now that I've jumped back into the blogging pool - I'll see you back here next week with a yummy new recipe and maybe a few other things I'm working on.

Have a great week
Until Next Time

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Welcome to the first post of my new blog Seasons At The Farmhouse.