Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Happy May

Yes we've turned the calendar page for another new month.  The weather outside  my door on Monday morning didn't say May 1st - fortunately is was gone by the afternoon

 with warmer temps.  It's how the weather rolls here in Minnesota.  It changes quickly.

So was April a productive month for you all?  I do have to say that April went by very quickly and it's always a favorite month  - because there's always a retreat with the peeps and beeps that happens during April.   We had such a lovely and productive time.  It's always fun to hang out with those ladies, have show and tell and be inspired by what everyone brings - plus the food is always wonderful to.  We've got that down to a science now.  We have brunch and dinner - each person takes one of those meals from start to finish that they plan.  You cook once and boom your done for the rest of the retreat.    I went with some UFO's to finish prepping - accomplished - a new project to piece and fuse - accomplished and two little quilts from the back of the closet to piece - accomplished.  I was really really happy with what I got done and the handwork prepped for future road trips and outside sewing.  Here's a little tour of the weekend with the girls.  First up a quick tour of the main floor

Now for a little show and tell from the ladies - I didn't get names of patterns - sorry - but enjoy the eye candy

This next one was so cute and everyone's favorite I think.  Based on a book she had when she was little she found these darling Peter Rabbit panels and made up the quilt top - then she pieced an adorable backing for it - how sweet is this one

Here's a fun side by side of the same quilt done a little differently.  This I know as a pattern by Timeless Tradition and done as a BOM through JJ Stitches - because I signed up for it to lol.  One of the projects I prepped. 

So what's on the horizon for travel - well a little trip to quilt market the middle of May is coming quickly.  I'm riding shotgun with my friend Kari/New Leaf Stitches to St. Louis with hopefully a trip to a fun quilt shop I've been hope hope hoping to get to.  Looks like barring anything unforeseen will be happening.  I'll be sure to share that.  So happy I prepped projects at retreat to pack and take along. Kari has a darling new fabric line coming out at market - so excited for her.  It's from Hoffman fabrics and called All A Twitter.  The woolies helped her power sew a couple of days to get a few samples done.  We were all happy to be apart of the process.  I'll be sure to share pics after market.

I am so ready to dig into some decorating now - a couple more pieces of furniture to move around when hubby gets home later today - then I'm venturing into the closet of HORROR - cleaning it out and getting somethings in place.  Yes I'm going to put out my Americana over the next week as I get busy decorating - it's early - but as I said I will be gone for close to a week in May with quilt market and would love it have it done when I get home since Memorial weekend is on my heels when I walk in the door.  I'm working on a few new things for patriotic splashes in the house and am anxious to share them with you.  The new blinds ordered for the bedroom are in and will be installed on Friday - can't wait to see them.   I feel like those decorating juices that have been dried up for awhile or been in hiding are busting to get out and in place.  It's been a long dry road for this girl in many areas.  One of the new cute patriotic items to use came in the  mail a week or so ago -
How sweet is she - made by my friend Sandy from Oregon -  thank you No Blog Sandy - I LOVE LOVE LOVE her and what a sweet surprise -  I love happy mail.   If your a reader of Anne's blog cottons and wool - Sandy and Anne are best buds and do challenges together all the time which Anne posts.  Because Sandy doesn't blog - her nickname is No Blog Sandy lol.  She is active tho over on Instagram - so be sure to check her out if you are on that social media platform.  I'm heading out to Oregon the beginning of July to stay with Anne and the three of us will be hanging out together getting into lots of fun trouble - I can't wait.
Thought I would try something fun  -  Here's a little POP UP SALE on this quilt kit if your interested.  This adorable little quilt is by Red Button Company and is a combination of cotton piecing and wool applique flowers.  Your kit will include the pattern, all fabric and yummy overdyed wools to complete the quilt top as shown as well as your binding.  You will supply the threads and backing.  Quilt measures 33 x 38 when completed.  The kit which includes priority shipping is 30.00 - If your interested email me at  I have 6 of these kits.

Well that wraps this up for today.  Thanks for stopping by and visiting my little neck of the woods.  See you back here next week - I hope - I'm going to really really try lol - with some decorating snippets.

Until Next Time


  1. Wow, you guys accomplished a ton on the retreat! Looking forward to pictures from Market. It's always so inspirational. Can't wait for your visit. We are gonna tear up the town!

  2. So many cute quilts! Dawn and Judy always do such adorable projects--I'm always jealous!

  3. Oh Fine. Now I'm jealous that you'll be playing with sweet Anne -- you guys are killing me! And What? You don't want to come to cornfields LOL??? Sounds like you've been busy and having fun. I laughed at your suggestion that your decorating mojo had been on vacation for a little bit -- mine's been out to lunch for years. We have new blinds coming though. Only because the windows are new and the old blinds wouldn't fit ROFLOL!!! See you soon -- now that I know you'll have roadtrip projects -- you KNOW I'm going to want to be seeing them!!! XO

  4. What a great bunch of projects you guys did. Love them! Can't wait for you to come out........... so much fun, so little time lol
    Glad you like your little angel :)

  5. Happy May, Karen. Such great projects from all the ladies. Looks like a wonderful place to escape and sew. Spring has been slow coming here, too. Love Sandy's angel. Have fun at quilt market and we will look forward to the pics. Congratulations to Kari!

  6. wow on all the wonderful show and tells... can i ask where retreat was... i live in Illinois and am always looking for a new place to travel to with my peeps... thank you have fun at market

  7. Great projects. Can I ask where the retreat was? Always looking for a good place to go. Thanks

  8. Karen, I used to follow you when you were Yellow Farmhouse and then when you moved, but have lost touch with you. So glad to have seen you on Instagram. I can't wait to get caught up; I will be getting your emails. Your home always inspired me and your quilting did as well. Just wish I lived close so I could meet you in person.
    Hugs, Noreen

  9. Hi! I’ve missed your blogs! Are you coming back?


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